Trip 140, Post 4

Posted on: 10/26/2006

Thursday, October 26

Well we are back at it, hard at work. Today we are covered in varnish, grout or white paint.It is very clear and sunny so we can see the tops of the volcanos agua, the little one, and fuego, the big one. Fuego is really cool as smoke coming out of the volcano rolls down the side of the volcano and makes an incredible vista. We are looking forward to this evening when we have our first moments of free time.

We have had good devotional times and have been serandaded by the guitar in praise and worship. Joe and Vera will arrive in Antigua tonight from a trip to the villages. We hope they are able to join us this evening or maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow we will tour the Los Angeles orphanage, Orphanage of the Angels, Judy Kershner’s school (primary school regular and handicapped children in a small village which sits in the saddle of the little volcano), Maureen’s school, only 6 or 7 children but profoundly handicapped I think, and some other sites.

All of our interactions with the Guatemalan people have been wonderful. They are a happy, peaceful people who live in a beautiful land. They need all of our help, yours as well, to build the infrastructure of the country so that all children have a home, a school and a family! Please pray on what you can do to contribute to helping change the world today. Have a blessed day!