Trip 140, Post 3

Posted on: 10/25/2006

Wednesday, October 25

Today we started with a devotional entitled, Service with a Smile, as we are tired, we prayed for energy, unity, and another day of supernatural intervention with our job list and what we are able to accomplish.

We also prayed for Claudia and Lionel, she is one of the Guatemalans who help plan and host the gala here in Antigua, tragically and unexpectedly lost their son in law earlier this week. Please pray for Claudia, Lionel and their family. More later.....

On Wednesday a lovely young boy named Armando checked into Casa De Fe with a large lump in his arm which is to be removed at the Obras on Thursday. We pray for him and ask that you join us in praying for health and healing for Armando.

We ate dinner at the FIP apartment on Wed. nite after venturing to the rooftop of a local restaurant to gaze at the city lights and the volcanos. We have had mostly hazy days and not clear views of the volcanos glow at night. We are hoping for that before we have to come home.