Trip 138, Post 6

Posted on: 07/12/2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our doctors and nurses on our surgery team performed five operations on adults and children. Dr. Scott, along with Dr. Gabriel Silva of Guatemala, counseled 15 patients during the genetics clinic. Dr. Rothschild performed minor procedures with more than 12 patients as part of the podiatry clinic.

A Faith In Practice video crew worked with team members throughout the day to capture interviews and scenes that can be used in the future for a variety of purposes: TV news and documentaries, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, patient education, and public service announcements. We included information about the overall mission of Faith In Practice, the expanded surgery center at Obras Speciales del Hermano Pedro, the new satellite surgery centers, the VIA/cryotherapy "see and treat" program for women, and the Genetics Lab.

We also addressed the need for volunteers, equipment, supplies and funds. The video footage will be edited in the United States from hours to minutes to increase the effectiveness and receptivity of the messages and visual images we want to convey to key target audiences and the media. Faith in Practice currently has a short video that was produced several years ago, which is available for those who have not yet seen it or would like to share it with friends, family and supporters.

Our evening team dinner prepared by Page Heller and his kitchen assistants included special guests from the Spanish medical team operating at the Obras Speciales surgery center as well as Joy Houston and her husband. Joy came to Guatemala at a time when the political climate was especially volatile and pastors were being killed for their work to help Guatemala’s poor and underserved native people. She and her husband have retired in Antigua where they volunteer their time and services to people and organizations.