Trip 136, Post 2

Posted on: 06/06/2006

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Greetings from Guatemala. We had such a busy but very blessed day Monday in the OR at the Obras. Dr. Davis started with a 13 year old named Transito that had severe scoliosis. We have followed him since Sunday and have kept up with his progress. It was a 5 hour surgery and he is having alot of pain today, but doing well. Dr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda performed 13 surgeries that included reparing hernias, removal of gallbladders and one intraoral surgery.

The intraoral biopsy was on a 21 year old female that has 3 children at home and hasn’t been able to eat due to the severe pain that she is having from the mass in her facial cavity. The doctors removed most of the mass and the pathology is still pending, however it was a very suspicious looking mass. Please pray for a good report and that there is no malignancy.

Dr. Hamilton performed 3 total hip replacements, one of which was on our special friend, Rosa that prayed for the FIP team during her interview with the anesthia and PT team. She is also doing very well this morning and should be up and possibly walking around today.

We have had to adjust eating our meals around the weather this week at the Quinta. We have had thunderstorms every day, especially around dinner time. All have adjusted well, and we have all spent alot of time together in the Casa that all of the cooking is being done in. The regular kitchen is being remodeled, so all of the cooking and eating so far has been done in one of the casas. We have been fed very well by the cooking team this week.

Don’t forget to keep checking the photo gallery for the updated photos from the week. All of the patients that I have mentioned in the journals are also posted in the gallery so you can also follow their progress.

Overall, the team performed 19 surgeries on Monday and we have another packed schedule for today. The Obras is hopping this morning already.

Pray for strength for the team, we have already had a few of the members getting dehydrated and then getting sick and needing IV fluids. Pray that we will all get the rest that we need when we can so that we can do God’s work.

God Bless.....