Trip 135, Post 5

Posted on: 04/26/2006

Wednesday 4/26/06

We started the day off with a light breakfast at the McLaughlin casita followed by a short devotional. As usual, we walked down the picturesque cobblestone streets to the Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital. And as usual, Clara and the three other local women in traditional clothing were waiting for us near the entrance of the Obras. They sell their goods of traditional style clothing, decorative items, and jewelry with such tenacity and skill that by the end of the week, many of us will have bought a souvenirs or gift from them.

The team worked hard again today. They performed 9 gynecological surgeries and 6 general surgeries on Wednesday. The patients were also cared for by our before and after by our talented team nurses in the pre-op/post operating room.

We had dinner prepared by our chefs consisting of humus and pita bread for appetizers, roasted chicken, grilled vegetables and potatoes with banana pudding for dessert.