Trip 133, Post 4

Posted on: 05/16/2006

Martes (Tuesday) May 16, 2006 "A New Day"

Following breakfast each morning we gather for devotion. Karen wakes us up with a "round" of singing. Pastor Ted provides some inspirational words and scripture in preparation to providing patient care. Our team leaders, Mickey and Toni, give us an update prior to heading out. The 8-block trek to the hospital is a pleasant walk past historical churches and shops. Antigua is nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. There are intriguing sights along the way. We arrive at the Obras ready to meet the day’s challenge. Today we are visiting the dental clinic. Our dental team will provide care that might not otherwise be received. Fillings, extractions and dental education are provided. Teeth cleaning by the hygienist insures a smile for the patient and caregiver.