Triage Day - Feb. 9, 2019

Posted on: 02/09/2019

Author: Bob Ernest

Prayer with Patients at the Start of Triage Day

Triage Day

After devotions led by Pastor Craig with a personal testimony by Cam, and introduction of new arrivals, the staff takes their walk to Las Obras about 15 minutes from our hotel. Upon arrival at Las Obras the team mingled in the courtyard with patients and families for prayer in Spanish and in English. The day is dedicated to identifying patients who can benefit the most from a match up of their needs and the surgeons on the team: ENT; general surgery; plastic; and GI.   

The patience of the patients is remarkable and cannot be adequately described in words. Dressed in their finest the patients and their families wait to be called to be seen by surgeons and the anesthesiology team to assess the tests which have been completed and tests still required. The children accompanying their parents are so well behaved it boggles my American mind. The humility of the Guatemalans seeking care is something to behold…and perhaps a lesson to be learned. They sit in quiet dignity waiting to be seen.

The day is long but satisfying except for the few patients who must wait for more tests or a different surgeon coming at the later date. 

While Triage is on-going the staff of OR nurses, recovery room nurses, pharmacists, nurse anesthetists/PA’s and technicians are preparing the OR suite for day one.



Similarly, the audiology staff and dental staff are screening patients that they will treat in the coming days.

The day is quiet and professionally executed.

And all of the team returned to LaQuinta for a sumptuous meal prepared under the able direction of Cathy.

What a blessing!  AMEN!