Triage Addition - Feb. 9, 2019

Posted on: 02/10/2019

Author: Bob Ernest

Ruby Had a Glorious Smile For All!

There are 84 patients in the triage system today. But as patients do not come alone the triage area is filled with hopeful people. Dr. Dan saw an eight-year-old girl with naso-pharyngeal fistula in this plastic surgical triage clinic. After considerable examination it was determined that this child, Ruby, needed plastic surgery and dental surgery as well. Ruby and her family would have to come back next week when the appropriate personnel would be in attendance. While arrangements were being made for a repeat visit she had a right to be disappointed but she never showed it. She turned to Cam, Dr. Dan’s nurse and hugged her, then turned to Dr. Dan with a hug, and provided a hug to the translator and to me. Observing Ruby in the waiting area she carried a glorious smile for all.