Posted on: 04/09/2019

Author: Jamie Beckerman

Our second clinic day was great! Everyone felt a little more comfortable with their role and what to expect. 

One of the common complaints that we hear among the adult patients is ear pain and/or difficulty hearing. Treasure, one of our interpreters, was in charge of the ear lavage station. She said that today she learned the true meaning of her name because she uncovered many treasures buried in people’s ears, including 4 year old toilet paper and a “pre-historic” bug. But the real treasure, she learned, was the gift of giving people their hearing back and the look of pure joy on their faces. 

We also helped dress a burn wound for a boy who accidentally got hot milk spilled on his foot and our amazing dental team has pulled a total of 683 teeth over the past two days. 

After we finished seeing all the patients and packing up our clinics, we gathered with all of the Providence volunteers and the Guatemalan volunteers for a group photo and thanks and passed out small gifts for our volunteers. 

Back at the hotel, a few people went on a run around the town where they made friends with a little piglet and some turkeys. At dinner we shared stories from our day and our security guard, Fausto, shared a heartfelt speech about his appreciation for our work and how happy he is to call the Providence volunteers his family. 

Tomorrow we will set up our clinic at the second village, El Pinal.