Traveling to Petén

Posted on: 01/27/2019

Author: Susan Wegner

On the bus to Petén! Lunch time on the road. Orientation at our "home" at Gil Town in Poptun, Petén Team members sharing dinner at Gil Town restaurant

Today we started early and traveled by two buses to the town of Poptun in the Department of Petén.  It was a long, 8-hour trip, broken every two hours or so for a bathroom break and once for a delicious lunch prepared by Hector.  As we traveled, the landscape changed from dry and mountainous to more flat, verdant and tropical. We rolled into Gil Town, our abode for the week, and received our keys to our cabins. There was an orientation meeting before dinner at the end of which we collected our scrubs for the week. We were urged to help save electricity by turning off our air conditioning when taking a shower.