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Posted on: 03/05/2021

With the dawning of a new year, we are seeing our partnerships grow and it gives us much encouragement and hope. We are very excited to be welcoming teams home to Guatemala on May 1st as we continue to provide care to patients through telemedicine, mobility clinics, and more.


Our relationship with Xela Aid has continued to develop as we work closely with them to hold telemedicine clinics, mobility clinics, and health education. We are grateful to Dr. Christopher Delk, Dr. Lewis Lehman, Dr. John Bordwell, Dr. Hilary Bartels, Dr. Fernando Perez, and Dr. Joe Austin who provided telehealth during our January and February clinics. Our providers have already made several surgical referrals for patients who will receive care from our surgery teams beginning in May.

Learn more about our telemedicine clinics here.



We held two mobility clinics in February—one at Xela Aid and one in Suchitepéquez in partnership with Health Talents. At these clinics, we provided wheelchairs and other mobility aids like walkers and canes to nearly 150 patients.

Marlon and Valentin are just a few of the patients who came to the clinic at Xela Aid. Marlon is a 4-year-old with developmental delays. His family was given a verticalizer, which he can use regularly at home to help him strengthen his legs until he is able to stand on his own. Valentin fell from a tree 3 years ago and broke his spine. Valentin received a wheelchair and our technicians, Blanca and Mynor, spent time with him explaining how to avoid pressure ulcers.




In addition to these clinics, we accompanied 5 pediatric patients—including Elda, Ludin, and Pablo— and their parents to Hope Haven where they received custom-fit wheelchairs.





We would love to hear from our volunteers! What do you miss most about being in Guatemala? What are most looking forward to when you are able to return to Guatemala? Email us your answers at  


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