Thursday - Fernando

Posted on: 03/10/2016

Author: Gee, Ms. Ruby

Post by Alicia Hamilton

Last night we were lucky enough to have Obras Hospital Chief Nursing Officer, Odra Flores, join us for dinner. She shared how much the Faith In Practice mission means to her and the Guatemalan people.

Three-year-old, Fernando, is a perfect example of the importance of receiving medical care. Fernando's mother, recently widowed, brought him in to be seen for complications resulting from an untreated hernia. Upon arrival on triage day on Sunday, Fernando was tired, dirty and lacking the spark one would expect from a boy that age. However, after several days at Faith In Practice’s Case de Fe (House of Faith) where Fernando and his family received free accommodations and meals, he arrived for his surgery rested and ready for the day. Dr. Cull was quick to put Fernando at ease as he blew up a surgical glove, put a smiley face on it and spoke to him with a homemade hand puppet! 

With surgery a success, this morning the team discharged a smiling three-year old boy and his mom.

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.Mother Teresa

Thank you, Fernando!