Thursday - Day 2 in Pologua

Posted on: 04/26/2018

Author: Pelton, Joyce A

A man came into the clinic suffering from Bell's Palsy. He has been experiencing the effects of facial paralysis for over two years. In addition, he began losing his vision on the same side. He thought the loss of vision was related to the palsy. But as he was being examined at the clinic, the doctor diagnosed the loss of sight as coming from cataracts. With a routine surgery he would be able to see again. The referral team is working with other Faith In Practice to schedule the cataract surgery. Thanks Dr. Horacio who volunteered his time to examine this patient. Thanks to the referral team who is working to arrange the surgery for this patient. And thanks to the surgeon who will restore this site. He left the clinic with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks.

Marta was carrying a cake across the clinic when Felipe called out to her "Is that cake for me?"  "No" she said, "it's my birthday cake and it's for me."  Felipe and Marta made small talk for a while when suddenly Felipe recalled,  "I know you - your husband is Santiago who volunteers for Faith In Practice. How is he?"  Marta shared that he passed away a year ago. Felipe gave his condolences and then asked why she was here. She said she was very sad after Santiago passed away and was unsure what to do. Her father said she should honor Santiago in some way. Marta decided the best way to do this is to volunteer for Faith In Practice as he did. And that is why she was here volunteering this week and will be volunteering at clinics in the future.

On our team this year, there were many young volunteers and other volunteers with demanding work schedules.  Several only have 2 weeks of vacation each year. Several have small children that they left behind for the week. But all of them agreed this was a great way to spend one of their precious weeks of vacation. There were also local volunteers from Totonicipán who took off a week to support Faith In Practice. They do not earn much, so any day they can't work takes away from their putting food on the table for their families. So cheers to the volunteers who give up their precious time, their precious wages to serve those in need.

The Pastor of our church back in Houston is giving a sermon series on The Lords Prayer, and the sermon last week was on "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven".  I can only imagine what Heaven is like, but it must be like what I have witnessed in Guatemala over the past week - God's people serving God and Those around them with love, care, devotion and compassion.  Amen.