The Three Amigos

Posted on: 04/11/2019

Author: Julie Moorhead

Dr. Andrew Selzman Dr. Andrew Selzman with patients

Dr. Andrew Selzman, our team urologist, is serving for his first time in Guatemala. 

On his first day of surgery he performed four surgeries called TURPs for enlargement of the prostate, a condition that makes it difficult or impossible to urinate without a catheter.

Many of these men are farmers and work long, arduous hours in the hot sun each day. Suffering with urologic problems causes great discomfort and sometimes pain, which makes it difficult to work. Since they are usually the main support for their families, these problems can affect many people.

While making his rounds in the recovery ward after his long day of surgery, he walked in on a row of beaming faces. “I have never seen a happier bunch of guys. They had all just had major surgery but were smiling and waving, yelling out ‘Andreas! Andreas!’ and trying to hug me. That was the best part of my day.”  

Psalm 140:12

“I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy”