Those Extra Steps

Posted on: 05/02/2018

Author: Smeck, MD, Dr. Jane Ann

By: Cindy Mendoza

Cindy Mendoza, pharmacist with OR nurse

(L-R) Lenore Wyrick, FNP, Allison Theisen, CRNA, & Sarah Blalock, RN receiving post-op patient



It is humbling to witness Guatemalan patients walk from pre-op to the operating room. Guatemalan patients show incredible inner strength and courage to rely on Faith In Practice healers as they make those extra steps to the operating rooms with their IV fluids attached and bodies covered with warm blankets. They have endured severe and debilitating illnesses and conditions which have been a heavy burden for much of their lives. I find it moving to be a part of a compassionate medical team that brings patient care back to its core, simply serving those who are sick. There are many language barriers; for example, yesterday I watched a patient who spoke a Mayan dialect talk to her family member, who then translated her concerns into Spanish, which were then communicated into English to the recovery room nurse. It is then that more healing takes place, as each patient gets his or her pain well-controlled and is then relocated to the convalescent floor. As the team pharmacist, I am very privileged to prepare post op and discharge medications for all the patients. I now know that every individual on the team, from pre-op, through the surgery, to post-op, has made a difference in each Guatemalan patient’s life. I am feeling extreme gratitude and hope for humanity, knowing we are all connected to each other, living out the golden rule in this corner of the world, in God’s name.