Posted on: 04/24/2016

Author: Kampman, Marybeth


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Today was the first day of triage at the Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro. The team met for an early breakfast and devotionals and then walked to the Obras in the fresh morning air sweetened by last night’s thunderstorm.


The patients were already lined up and waiting patiently to be seen. Many carried their lab results and X-rays in large envelopes.  They had come from miles away, often accompanied by other family members.


The long wait was made more pleasant due to the generosity of Cassie McClanahan who donated coloring books, crayons and stickers in individual red goodie bags donated by Gardenia Burton.  The goodie bags were handed out by Marilyn Ewing, Bridget Yeung and Cassie McClananhan to the small children waiting with their parents. The kids were soon down on the floor busy coloring happily away.


Another highlight of  the morning was an impromptu  style show put on by the lucky little girls and boys were received dresses and shorts brought by Manish Wani. The dresses were made by Helen Hughes of Dress a Girl around the World. Diane Johnston also brought dresses and head bands  donated by Gina Adulia.  The dresses were beautiful, each one handmade and embellished with ribbons, buttons and coordinating trims. Some of them had the added bonus of a small matching doll tucked into the pocket. Immediately the girls wanted to try on their new dresses. The moms helped the girls put on and they proudly posed for pictures.


Meanwhile the team continued to see the many patients as they passed from station to station waiting in line patiently and good-naturedly. 


I was able to talk with a man who had come with his sister her two young children and his elderly mother. This was their second trip to the Obras - they  had come the previous week for tests to determine his mother’s condition. They came from their village and were staying in the Casa de Fé, the “Rondald McDonald” house sponsored by Faith in Practice that houses patients that have traveled distances for their care and need a place to stay. 


They were all obviously tired and anxious about the upcoming surgery for his mother, although he brushed it off with a smile saying he hadn’t traveled that far- only three hours.  He expressed his thanks and trust in the medical team and to God for the help that was being provided for his mother. His faith and commitment to his family was beautiful to behold.