Second day of surgery

Posted on: 04/17/2018

Author: Piland, Mrs. Cheryl

Day 4

Today 17 patients were taken care of in the operating room. Some were very difficult cases and the surgeons had a tough time.  The last of our crew didn’t finish up until close to 8 o'clock. Dealing with old wounds and scar tissue was really tough! It was dinner and then quickly to bed.

Today Dr. Pogo encountered Evelyn, who had a mass on her vocal cord.She could not talk and Dr. Pogo didn’t know if the instruments for the surgery she required were available. Evelyn had been to a local doctor but her cost was going to be around $2,000. She of course could never have afforded that. The team found some instruments—very old, and heavy. Nothing like we have back home. Dr. Pogo had to hold the heavy instruments with one hand while doing delicate surgery and taking the mass off the vocal cord with the other hand. But through perseverance he got it all out. In the recovery room Evelyn tried to talk and her voice was normal!! Tears flowed from everyone!! No doubt that God’s hands were on Dr. Pogo’s hands today!

Another cute story….Irma had to have a cast placed on her leg. As Dr. Woolf asked for the casting material it was noted that there was a hodgepodge of material left from the many previous trips. When all was finished Irma had half of her cast bright fluorescent orange and the other half was a navy blue. Irma looked down and started laughing at her multicolored cast! She will be the talk of the town!

Today we are highlighting the post-op nurses and all the hard work they do! The doctors call them the angels – Janelle Yassan, Lisa Christian, Jennifer Benson, and Monica Zamora.