On the Road

Posted on: 02/10/2021


Jalapa, Santa Rosa, El Peten, and more, here we come! In February and March, Felipe Gutierrez and Tagni Moncada are conducting extensive advance trips to prepare for our village medical clinic teams. The Robinson team will be first out!

El Progreso, Suchi, Jutiapa, Xela, Reu. You can see these places in your mind’s eye. The Guatemalan volunteers in their red hats bustling from clinic to clinic, teems of patients, the smell of tortillas and burning wood at the school entrance as you hear stories of how early each patient left their homes to arrive at the clinic at dawn.  

But this year, it will be different. The Ministry of Health has imposed understandable regulations to protect against COVID-19 transmission and we want to make sure that patients, Guatemalan volunteers and staff, and our volunteer teams are safe.

Clinics will not be in schools but set up in a variety of locales specific to each area. And, this means our Guatemalan volunteers and staff are exercising a great deal of creativity and planning beyond a typical year. Energized and excited to have teams back, they are more than up to the challenge as they customize each scheduled clinic to specific circumstances and attend to every detail so our medical teams can do what they do best.

There is much that will be different this year, but much will be the same. The patients will still clap as the volunteers descend from the bus. The sound of God bless you will echo as the volunteers pass by, and the smell of tortillas will be there. What will also be there is the same dedication of our Guatemalan volunteers and staff as they bring their entire selves to this mission.



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