Posted on: 05/03/2019

Author: Don Pine

It is Friday afternoon and after another early start and a four-hour bus ride, we made it to Antigua in time for a nice lunch, followed by rest, shopping or exploring Antigua. Tonight we will have our final closing dinner and say goodbye to old friends as well as many new friends.  This is always a special time when we think about all that we have experienced the past week and talk about how we have been impacted by what we have seen and done.


Each day after our morning devotional, Team Leader, David Chenault gives us a report on the number of patients each clinic served the day before and a few other related statistics. I thought by sharing these numbers, you might get a better sense of how hard everyone on the team worked and the impact that they made on these two communities in Guatemala.


During the four days of clinics, we saw a little more than 2,400 patients.  Here’s how that breaks down by each clinical area:


General                       529

Pediatric                     299

OB/GYN                      204

Orthopedic                 116

ENT                             260

Audiology                   120     with 85 hearing aids fitted

Dental                         274     with 503 teeth extracted

Mobility                      140     with 67 wheelchairs, 25 walkers, 42 canes & 3 crutches fitted

VIA                              135     cervical cancer screenings

Laboratory                 755     tests run

Referrals                    347     referred for surgery or further evaluation            


The in-country Guatemalan team for Faith In Practice does an amazing jobs of pre-screening and scheduling patients for the village clinics. This is done throughout the year before teams begin arriving in the spring. It is because of them and all the hard working local volunteers that make each clinic work efficiently and allow us to accomplish so much. As we return to the U.S., we salute all those that are part of Faith In Practice’s Guatemalan network and pray for their safety and well being during the coming year.


Closing Prayer:

“Gracious God, What a blessing it is to work together!  We thank you for all the doctors, assistants, and helpers from Guatemala and the United States.  It’s incredible what we can do when we unite our gifts, abilities and resources to help others.  Help us do this each day wherever we are.  We pray these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.”