Providence Surgery Team #613 - We are one people

Posted on: 03/22/2019

The last morning at the hospital was spent rounding with patients who had not yet returned home.  We visited with the patients and their families, and thanked the hospital staff.  We took selfies with, and said farewells to our new friends before boarding the bus back to Antigua where we had a couple free hours before our final dinner together.   It was difficult to leave, as we felt like our week had just begun...we were not finished here.  The good news is that there are other Faith In Practice teams who will come after us and continue the work being done here.  Thank you to all donors who contribute to this important work.  Your funds support surgical, medical and dental care, medicine, supplies, testing and screening, food and lodging at Casa de Fe, and so much more.  We couldn't do it without you.

Our morning devotions began each day with a song.  This one seemed to speak to many of us, and I leave you with this:

One tribe, one time, one planet, one race
Its all one blood, don't care about your face
The color of your eye
Or the tone of your skin
Don't care where you are
Don't care where you been
'Cause where we gonna go
Is where we wanna be
One tribe y'all
We are one people
Let's catch amnesia,
Forget about all the evil
Remember that we're one people
We are one people
One world, one love, one passion
One tribe, one understanding
'Cause you and me can become one.
One tribe y'all.

~The Black-Eyed Peas