Pato Pato Ganso

Posted on: 05/05/2019

Author: Jason Lindh

Triage is a wonderful day of excitement for the children, their families and the team. Each starts the day with the utmost hope that lives will be changed and the greatest amount of good will be achieved.  However, it is also a very taxing day for everyone involved.  Throughout the day, the families arrive and wait for their turn to be triaged by the physicians and anesthetists.  Each is supported by a dedicated translator who translates the many question and answers required to properly diagnose and determine if it will be possible to provide relief to a patient in need.

While these interviews and diagnosis are taking place, the families wait in an open air court yard.  Though the weather has been very cooperative, these families waited in the warm sun for their turn with a physician.  The families included parents, siblings, and grandparents for some.  As you can imagine, no matter how well behaved, some of the pediatric patients and their siblings became slightly restless.

To ease the tension of the wait, certain Faith In Practice staff members brought gifts of coloring books, crayons, pens, pencils, balls, necklaces, bracelets, and toys to chare with the children.  However, by the end of the day, even these generous gifts could not stem the tide of boredom and restlessness.  In stepped the dedicated PACU nurses to save the day (while also getting some extra steps in to offset the evening meal prepared by Paige).

Just when restlessness and anxiety was reaching a peak at the end of the day, Brandy, Sue, Charlie and Lanae arrived to play a rousing game of Pato Pato Ganso (or as we know it in the States – Duck Duck Goose).  For the next hour the youth in the courtyard chased each other, and these four dedicated nurse,s around and around in a cement court yard.  Despite the hard landscape and the overly enthusiastic participants, no one was injured (though the slightly older participants did note that collapsing to the cement did not always feel the greatest).  Energy was burned, but more importantly, connections were made there in that sunny cement courtyard.

It is slightly unfair to point out the dedication and sacrifice of this specific group.  However, this willingness to simply do everything humanly possible to improve the lives of the people they are serving permeates the very being of every member of this team.  It is exhibited by the countless smiles shared, the impromptu hugs that are given, the prayers that are shared, and the tears that are shed while holding the hand of another. 

Each person that participated Sunday exhibited an aspect of the love God has for each of us.  From the hope each family had for a solution, to the charity exhibited by the healers, everyone brought with them that which makes us most human.  But more importantly, because of what was shared, each of us grew closer to our God.  What more could you ask for on a glorious Sabbath day?