No surgeries Today

Posted on: 04/20/2018

Author: Piland, Mrs. Cheryl

No surgeries were performed today but the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and physical therapists went in to post-op, rehab, and to release their patients. Everyone was released to go home! The miracles have just begun as these wonderful people from Guatemala continue to heal!

The ones we will brag on today are the ward nurses, Monica Zamora and Diane Pierce, as well as the team doctor, Monika Tripathi. They were seen in the pharmacy, pre-op, post-op and especially rehab making sure all patients were well!  Also we couldn't have done it without our general support Adam Griner, Trent Smith, Clayton Sordini, and Nick Marsh!

Our celebration dinner was AWESOME last night as we all shared stories of our patients and continued our old and new friendships! Going home tired but joyful tomorrow.