Morning Rounds and More Surgeries

Posted on: 05/01/2019

Author: Anahi Villalon

Another elderly woman, who we affectionately refer to as Mamá Coco, received a hip replacement by another team a month ago, and has been hospitalized at Obras Sociales ever since. Hospital staff told us that she had been depressed, and had pretty much given up. But Team 620 Woolf/Parsley swept in, and repaired a femur fracture to help get her back on her feet. 
When Dr. Dawson made his rounds this morning, she was complaining of a lot of pain and discomfort. Her spirits were low, but the doctor wanted her to get up and try to walk. The physical therapist, Kim was able to sit her up, and get her walking with the use of a walker. Mamá Coco's mood did a complete 180! We were able to see her smile for this first time this week! When asked how she was feeling, she said she was so happy to be standing!
Dr. Pogo performed surgery on the cutest little 4-year-old girl this morning. She woke up crying for her mamá, and we were able to get her suited up so she could come in and try to soothe her baby. We tried to cheer the baby up with little stuffed animals that the team brings with it from home, but all she wanted was her momma.
We also had the good fortune of meeting an elderly, but very youthful seventy four year old gentleman named Arcadio. He has been making the long trip from home to Antigua for 3 years in hopes of getting a knee replacement. He said he used to work with cattle, and the hard work and long days wore his knees out. His faith and perseverance paid off, and he was able to finally have surgery to get that knee replacement. He was in such good spirits after surgery, and did not complain once. He said he was ready to go dancing with his new knee, but we joked that he needed to hold off until he got his other knee replaced. He is quite the charmer, and gained the affection of the nurses.