Monday - Vessels of Service

Posted on: 04/23/2018

Author: Pelton, Joyce A

The day began with a devotion on how God forms us to be vessels of compassion and service. It was a beautiful devotion delivered in both Spanish and English. It caused each of us to wonder how our talents would be used this day. Many of our team had been members of previous Faith In Practice teams; but for some of us this was our first time and we had many questions.  As the buses approached the clinic, we saw the long line with hundreds of people waiting for us. Our questions were about to be answered. It was time for us to serve.

Rosa has been unable to walk for the last four years - the only way she could move was to be carried by family members or caregivers. Rosa was in line Monday for hours to be fitted with a wheelchair, but to her it was well worth the wait. As she was being fitted with the wheelchair, there was a smile from ear to ear. George carefully adjusted the chair to the perfect fit. He showed her how to move in the wheelchair. He patiently answered her questions. And then she was off. She wheeled herself to thank everyone on the wheelchair team who helped her with a hug, a handshake, a smile and a beautiful "Gracias".

Antonio had also been waiting for a wheelchair for a long time, and he was not going to leave without his new wheelchair. As he was being examined before receiving the wheelchair, Dr. Pooja determined that Antonio needed to go to the emergency room. Quickly. But Antonio was adamant that he would not go to the hospital until he received his wheelchair. So everyone on the team focused on building and adjusting his chair. And in record time, Antonio had his wheelchair and was off to the hospital. 

What a day!!! I think everyone could feel God leading and preparing us to serve the people of San Francisco El Alto.