Miracles All Around Us

Posted on: 05/02/2019

Author: Anahi Villalon

After today's uplifting devotional, Dr. Parsley forewarned us that today was going to be a very busy, and trying day. Lots of surgeries on the schedule --- some easy, some tricky. We all headed to the hospital ready to put in the work. Little did we know that we would be on the receiving end of God's blessings.
One of the very first patients to be seen was Cristian, a 15-year-old young man. He was here for a septoplasty. After surgery, he was wheeled into the PACU, and Janelle, his nurse was at his bedside as he woke up. She immediately started talking to him, and as I started to translate for her, he interrupted us and said in perfect English, "I can understand everything you are saying!" Once he started talking, he didn't stop. He told us about his siblings, where he learned English, and he said he wanted to be a doctor. He also told us that he had seen many movies about Texas, and that Texas was his favorite! Fortunately, we had a Dallas Cowboys hat on hand, and gifted to him. As he was being wheeled out of the recovery room, he cheered, "The American people are awesome! Thank you!" Cristian set the tone for the entire day for us. What a blessing!
On Sunday, during patient screening, Dr. Dawson met a man named Osvaldo that had been through several surgeries. His bone had been infected previously, and Dr. Dawson explained that when they went in to repair his fracture that the possibility existed of the infection being there again. He explained to Osvaldo that if the infection was there, they might have to amputate. Osvaldo said if it came to that, he trusted the doctor would do what was in Osvaldo's best interest. Dr. Dawson performed the surgery on Wednesday afternoon. Osvaldo was very groggy when he woke up in the PACU. He immediately reached for his leg, and I must admit that it was the very first thing I thought of as well. He sighed with relief when he felt his leg under all of the blankets. Before he was wheeled out of recovery, he told me that in all of the five surgeries he had had to repair his leg, he had never been treated as well as he had by this team. He said he had never felt so loved, and had never received so much attention. He said we were a blessing to him, and was eternally grateful to Dr. Dawson for saving his leg. He said that there were no words that could express how thankful he was to the Faith In Practice team. Meeting him was a blessing to us all!