Mesen Team. Day 4 and 5

Posted on: 04/04/2019

Author: Jim Bruce

Mesen Team. Wednesday and Thursday  April 3 and 4, 2019     Wednesday, as the camel said, “ hump day “. It was a busy, busy day. Sorry that I didn’t get a post out. Now it is Thursday evening. We are finished we our surgery for the week. We do not operate on Friday because we will drive to the airport very early on Saturday morning. Tomorrow the surgeons will make leisurely rounds. Tonight we have our celebration dinner. We will celebrate the trip and the doctors will acknowledge the contributions of all our staff that accompanied us this week. We could not do this work without all their help. It was a busy week. It feels like busier than in the past. I suggested that it is because we are all a year older. For some reason my comment was not well accepted. We did perform about 120 surgical procedures in four days. Given more time we could have done many more. There will be other teams that follow us so more care will be provided for our Guatemalan friends. It is a great feeling to be providing care that may be life-changing for our patients. Although this is our profession, our job, our routine at home, it does feel different here in Guatemala. In part, because we know that if we do not do these 120 procedures, many of the patients might never have the opportunity in the future. Also the Guatemalan people are so so appreciative. I think that I heard  “ God bless you 100 times this week “. I have heard that at home but here it just seems even more sincere. Well, enough for tonight. One last post tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers this week. We did feel them.