Mesen Team Day 3. Monday. 4-1-19

Posted on: 04/02/2019

Author: Jim Bruce

Monday, the first day in the OR. Also April Fool's Day but nobody noticed because we were too busy. Breakfast at 5:30 then devotional at 6 AM. Then off to the Obras. We noticed that Volcano Fuego was letting off a little steam on the way in. The first day of surgery is always a little hectic. Once our routines are set it is smooth sailing. We did about 30 cases today- total knee replacements, knee ligament and meniscus, hernias, gall bladders, etc. Everyone worked well together. No significant complications. A good start to the week.

One of our patients, Alan, hopefully is pictured on the blog in pre-op with Amy and Logan, RN’s who staff pre op. If the picture does not post, I will post it later. Alan is 29 years old. He was an aspiring pro skateboarder until he fell attempting a trick too difficult two years ago. He tore his ACL and meniscus. His knee gives way repeatedly making life difficult. If you don’t have two good legs then life in Guatemala is very difficult. Dr. Koco Eaton and his team, Angela CRNA anesthetist, Alison RN scrub nurse, Jim first assistance, and Anna one of the Guatemalan staff,  reconstructed Alan’s knee. In a few months he will have a stable knee and should be returned to unrestricted activity. Except we told him no more skateboarding. Thanks for your prayers. Keep them coming.