Mesen Team 616 day 2. 3-31-19

Posted on: 03/31/2019

Author: Jim Bruce


Friends and Family,

Day 2. Sunday. Today is clinic day. We had our morning devotional after breakfast. Pastor Hector was speaking from Acts 2. We all felt an extended tremor. Not sure it qualified as an earthquake. It did underscore Hector’s message. We then walked to the hospital/church which is pictured. The Spanish name in the caption means The Social Works Of Saint Brother Peter. Brother Pedro was a Franciscan monk revered by the people of colonial Antigua. The church covers the entire city block. There is a sanctuary on the left side of the picture. Most of the building is occupied by offices of all the social workers who provide needed services to the poor. Indeed a “social works ministry”. This is ministered by the Franciscan order. Faith In Practice built five operating rooms, pre-op unit, and post op unit in the past inside the church. The Obras staffs the wards where our patients stay overnight after surgery. We anticipate over 100 cases again this year. We arrived at the Obras about 7am. Our team then went to an open courtyard where our surgical patients waited to be seen. We then had a joint prayer with our patients everyone holding hands. As Richard Rivas lay minister for the team prayed for the patients there were murmurs from the crowd as the patients and their families prayed for our team. Very moving moment. The rest of the day consisted of pre-ops and setting up the OR supplies. We feel well prepared and ready for work in the morning. It will be a busy week but a fulfilling week. Our team covets your prayers.

Blessings to all of you.