May 20, 2019 Surgery begins.

Posted on: 05/20/2019

Author: Candy Swick

A Time For Everything.

There is a time to be busy, to work, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  There is also a time for reflection and prayer.  We are lead in our faith by example.  Jesus spent time serving his fellow man, healing the blind, including the out-cast, sharing his knowledge of his Father’s love of each and every one of us.  He also showed us that a quiet time of reflection and prayer was important. He spent 40 days and nights by himself.  It was in the quiet of the night that I realized what I had seen during that first day before surgery.  From behind the lens of the camera waiting to capture the emotion of the moment on the face of a mother I saw the real gift.  The gift of accepting the things we cannot change! The fear in the eyes of the two-year-old child was real.  The hope and anticipation on the face of the mother was piercing. In the face of the surgeon was a quiet compassion of acceptance. A time for everything and for today it was acceptance of what could not be changed.  The child’s life was saved by not doing corrective surgery. The skilled knowledge of the surgeon was shared by words of wisdom and experience. The answer came from the surgeon’s vast experience.  A time for reflection, prayer and acceptance.