Posted on: 05/20/2019

Author: Kay Stacy

Everyone was excited and ready to get started on the surgeries this morning. After a few adjustments to get used to the equipment here, everything seemed to flow very well - 14 surgeries were completed. The big stories today were in the wheelchair clinic. I have permission from the mother to share these pictures and story. Karin is 25 and has never had a her life...until today. She spends everyday, all day, on the couch - except when they carry her to church. Have you ever thought about carrying someone around for 25 years? I hadn't until today. This was, not only, a game changer for Karin, but also her mother, who is her primary caretaker. I wonder all the ways that this wheelchair will change their lives? Look at the picture of unmasked JOY on the mother's face as they were leaving!

Catherine is a sweet 6 year old, who appears on first glance to be a toddler...but she doesn't toddle because she can't walk. She and her siblings and mom live with their abuela, who brought Catherine today while the mom was working. Sadly, there are no wheelchairs here small enough to accomodate her. Faith In Practice will refer her to another organization here (Hope Haven) who does speciality wheelchairs. Faith In Practice will pay for their transportation and lodging costs and also the wheelchair. The wheelchair will be about $35-40 but would be something that this family would never be able to do on their own. Thank you to all that help finance these wonderful opportunities!