Keeping the Guatemalan People In Our Hearts

Posted on: 03/14/2016

Author: Hamilton, Alicia

Having arrived in Portland after eight days in Guatemala I am struck by the ease with which we straddle such dichotomous worlds. One day we are serving the impoverished, under-served people of Guatemala and the next I am in a grocery store trying to choose one of twenty types of yogurts for my daughter's lunch. It is mind-blowing to consider the disparity of these two worlds. It is even more so knowing first-hand the need for shelter, food and health care that we leave behind.

It would be easy to consider my work done upon my return, but I am reminded of the work that continues long after I leave Guatemala. Faith In Practice will continue raising money for medical support and supplies, shelter and food for pre and post-operative care for the families, and medical staff who organize all the work that needs to be done. Our team leader, Jim Stempel, will acknowledge the work he has done (I hope) and begin looking toward next year's team trip.

The work and the need never ends.

As such, I am left asking myself what I can do to continue the Faith In Practice mission.

My answer? I will hold near and dear to my heart the warmth and generosity of spirit and trust of the Guatemalan people I met this week. And, I will continue to try to make a difference in the baby step at a time.

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you." ~ Mother Teresa

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.