Jalapa - setting up our clinic

Posted on: 03/08/2020

Author: Valerie Truong

Day 2:

We woke up early to attend our morning devotion, where we started our day with gratitude as we unite prayer to our works and our good works to prayer. This mindfulness set the tone for our day. After a three-hour drive, our team finally arrived at the clinic in Jalapa. All the local volunteers were already there helping us cleaning and setting up everything in order for the clinic to be ready to serve our patients tomorrow. Our healthcare providers started putting medical supplies in different rooms dedicated to different purposes: from dental, education room, pediatric to radiology and many more. Our pharmacists Linda, Sharon, Kati, Cindy and her daughter Alyssa were busy sorting out various types of medicine in the clinic's pharmacy. Chairs and tables were arranged nicely by the help of our Guatemalan volunteers as well as our Village team members. It was wonderful to witness the friendship and unity between those who have worked together before, and now once again joined together by their commitment to community service. Matt and Merry put up the drapes in the ultrasound room, making sure everything was in place. Everyone was engaged with the process of "building" the clinic. In some corners, there was much lively conversation and bursting laughter. It will be hectic here tomorrow as hundreds of patients coming for the much needed care, but we are ready and coming in full force.