Posted on: 05/15/2018

Author: Dominguez , Mrs. Jennifer

Members of the Estes Village Team 578 returned home on May 12th, but there are moments when it seems like we left Guatemala only hours ago. We find ourselves challenged to express the feelings and experiences that we each encountered during our time in Guatemala.  Each team member entered this mission with a different perspective and a different set of expectations. But each of us was prepared to do the work that brought us to Guatemala. We were prepared to face the challenges that were placed in front of us and our team came together as one throughout the entire week. We set aside our own comforts and conveniences without any sense of what we were giving up, instead choosing to clothe ourselves with love, compassion, kindness and patience.  We were humbled by this experience.  We express our gratitude for the time and opportunity to be involved in such very important and meaningful work. We are changed.  We returned home more aware of the suffering in this world, of the struggles communities face having little or no access to basic health care.  We know that we made a difference; individually and together, with our talents and with the resources provided by Faith in Practice.  We thank you our generous donors, friends and family for your resources, thoughts and prayers.  We brought light and hope to the beautiful people of Guatemala. As a team, we put our “Faith into Practice”, sharing our time and talents with those less fortunate.  We will share our experiences with friends and family back home, and will return next year renewed and ready to do it once again.

Totals for the week:

Total Patients Seen: 2,081

General: 688 patients                                 

Pediatrics: 292 patients

Gynecology: 191 patients

Dental: 266 patients, 456 extractions

VIA/Cryo: 217, 21 Cryos

Wheelchairs Given: 95

Referrals for Surgery: 332

Blessing Received: Too many to count!!!