Hitting the Ground Running

Posted on: 04/29/2019

Author: Anahi Villalon

Hitting the Ground Running

On Sunday morning, the team spent the day screening patients. We met so many people from so many different backgrounds. Some patients live in Antigua, while some drove 12 hours to Antigua in hopes of receiving medical treatment.

I met a sweet, elderly lady who broke her wrist during a fall. She had been managing the pain for over two months, patiently waiting for a Faith In Practice team to arrive in Guatemala. I was in disbelief! I could not imagine the pain she had been enduring or the set backs she must have faced only being able to use one arm.

We also saw 24-year-old patient who was in a motorcycle accident. His knee took the brunt of the impact, and has had a few surgeries already. He was so incredibly cheerful during screening. His father was so grateful to the doctors, and hugged everyone for being here in Guatemala to help get his son back on his feet again!

Dr. Foss saw a sweet little patient who will need a tonsillectomy. I sat with Dr. Foss while she saw Franco for Pre-Op. He seemed happy and at ease until she asked for him to open his mouth, and stick out his tongue. He immediately jumped out of his chair, and hid behind his father. Dr. Foss reassured him, and he calmed down and cooperated. We told him that he needed to be as brave as the Batman on his t-shirt! Praying that we were able to provide him and his parents with a little comfort.