Posted on: 05/02/2018

Author: Cardamone-Rayner, Amy

Some highlights so far,  shared by volunteers at devotions this morning--

Susannah, a nurse in the OR was offering some reassurance to a patient before her surgery. She thought the patient might be nervous and wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible with what was going on around her. She was profoundly moved when the patient then wanted to offer a prayer for the OR team in return.  

Alma offered a heartfelt prayer as leader of devotions this morning, reminding us that life is precious and short, and ultimately meaningless if our efforts are for selfish gain and not for God.

Dr. Scarborough offered prayer for the patients and staff at the hospital yesterday morning. It was incredibly powerful for the people there.

Coco finds that the most satisfying part of his work in the hospital is seeing the sharing the smiles on the faces of patients when they learn that surgery went well and they will be alright.