Posted on: 04/28/2019

Author: Don Pine



After a good night’s rest, a short devotional and a hearty breakfast, we loaded up the buses and headed out for our first village, Totonicapán.  The four hour drive was on a surprisingly good highway (a portion of it is a part of the Pan American Highway) with beautiful views of terraced farmland nestled amongst hills and volcanic peaks. We climbed to about 8,500’ until descending 900’ to our destination.


Our clinic will be at a very nice elementary school in Totonicapán.  The school is built like a wheel with spokes around a large auditorium/gymnasium.  Outside this building there is a semicircular colonnaded walkway with about six sets of 2-3 rooms at regular intervals radiating outward.  There is plenty of room to accommodate waiting patients so no one will get wet if it rains!  


We have a large team, about 70 people, including about 20 Guatemalan volunteers.  Everyone pitched in to unload all the crates and boxes and to move chairs and tables as needed.  We have set up clinical areas for Orthopedics, Pediatrics, General, OB/GYN, Audiology, Dental, and Mobility/Wheelchairs. Supporting these are the Pharmacy, Laboratory as well as a Kitchen.  The large auditorium will be used to triage all the incoming patients.


At 8:00am tomorrow, the doors will open and patients will begin to stream in.  Most will have never seen a doctor before and many will receive life-changing medical care. As this Sunday comes to a close, we pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us with grace, love, and strength as we prepare for tomorrow.