First day of surgery!

Posted on: 04/16/2018

Author: Piland, Mrs. Cheryl

Today was the first day of actual surgery.  We had a great breakfast and our devotional was lead again by Dr. Mark Woolf.  Dr. Woolf spoke about James 2 which was another very appropriate message. James talked about how we treat people we view as rich, powerful, and influential versus how we treat and look at the poor, broken, and down trotted. This is especially true here in Guatemala where there are few rich and influential and many poor struggling people. We should be happy to treat the down trotted just as we treat the influential. Everyone deserves our love and care. It was an awesome lesson!  Dr. Woolf also led us in prayer asking God to watch over us as we tried to heal all that came for help today. 

We then headed for hospital to start our day. We arrived with many anxiously awaiting patients. Everything had been set up yesterday read to go and everyone was ready to perform their duties. Drs. Mark Woolf, Brian Parsley, Jay Pond and Ernest (Chappie) Conrad preformed seven total joint replacements while Drs. John Dawson and Alex Cruz preformed bone reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Matt (Pogo) Pogodzinski preformed seven ear, nose and throat surgeries. God answered our prayers. Everything went so smooth and everyone scheduled was taken care of. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

One case in particular was a 27-year-old girl named Chicun. Chicun was hit by a car when she was 15. She has been in pain and in a wheelchair or walker for the last 12 years. Drs. Dawson and Cruz operated on her and expect a great recovery.

The day was long but it was very successful! Everyone that was scheduled for today was taken care of and expected to recover well. They will start rehab tomorrow.  

Highlight today on the ansesthesiologists Drs. Prisila Foss, Phillip Gallegos, Jim Piland, Chris Franzen, Chris Miller and Adebukola Owolabi.  Surgery couldn't happen without them!!!    

We went home, ate dinner and headed for bed so they we could start again tomorrow.