First Day of Surgeries for 620

Posted on: 04/30/2019

Author: Anahi Villalon

After breakfast at La Quinta de Las Flores, and a wonderful devotional led by Dr. Woolf, the team headed to Las Obras Sociales for the first day of surgeries.
I had the chance to hang out with the PACU team first thing this morning, and the first patient of the day touched everyone's heart. She is a 15-year-old girl who travelled with her father to be here this morning for a septoplasty. Before she was cleared for surgery, she had to receive a breathing treatment. The PACU team did an excellent job of treating her, and trying to keep her relaxed. Imagine being fifteen, having to have surgery, and being surrounded by people who do not speak your language. The poor girl put on a brave face for as long as she could, and finally broke down. We kept asking her if she was feeling well or if she was in pain. She finally told us that she wanted her mother to be here with her, but that her mother had passed away. Two PACU nurses, Lisa and Suz, immediately took to her bedside to comfort her.