First day at Las Obras Hospital in Anitgua, Guatemala

Posted on: 05/19/2019

Author: Candy Swick

Team Davis 626

What an amazing day this Sunday has been. Jim our messenger from God, pastor, the importance of prayer. His young 7-year-old son had been diagnosed with a virulent cancer with a challenging prognosis. The stress and the worry to do the best that he could humanly do to save his child was like the weight that Atlas shoulders when he balances the weight of our earth on his body. Jim shared if he really believed in his faith and that Jesus was put here to carry his burdens, then he needed to turn his request to Jesus in prayer. Jim felt he needed to trust whatever the outcome that Jesus was carrying his worry, stress and concern on His shoulders. Jim’s 7 year old who was to have stunted growth from the rigorous regimen of chemotherapy is now in his twenties, six foot two inches tall and healthy.

We are off on a 10 block walk on cobblestones to the Obras,(hospital) to photograph the most gracious, patient and trusting Guatemalan people. To watch the hands and feet of Christ at work in the volunteers who have paid almost two thousand dollars to come to Guatemala to make a difference in another individual’s life. And for the volunteer to give up a week of their vacation time to boot. Next during this amazing day was the walking by our team of ten long city blocks back to Quinta de las Flores. I was the Sous chef to Angela, an incredibly talented gourmet chef. Her real job is research physician handling complex drug studies. There were at least four individuals prepping the meal from 11:30am until 6:45pm when prayer and dinner was served. Oh and did I mention the 25 U.S. volunteers along with at least as many Guatemalans working to get the individuals ready for surgery and all of the equipment and the instruments sterilized and in the appropriate places for surgeries to start bright and early the next day. Lesson learned ASAP… Always Say A Prayer because it is only the grace bestowing God with us on our daily journey that could have orchestrated such an amazing symphony today.