FInal Sign-off - Thank you!

Posted on: 03/01/2019

Thank you for supporting us on our mission and following along with the blog each day. We truly appreciate your support, thoughts, and prayers during our trip. Hundreds of referred patients will be seen by surgeons and specialists on other Fath In Practice teams who will travel to Guatemala in the coming weeks to months. Although we were not always able to fix every ailment or illness, we hope the efforts we were able to provide will leave a lasting impact on the Guatemalan people. We know they have left an impact on each of us.

Overall in our 4 days of clinic:
- 1,940 patients were seen in clinic
- 296 of which were referred for surgical or specialty care
- Multiple other patients who were not accounted for also received prescription medications (those who accompanied family members to clinic, but did not have their own specific clinic visit)