Faith In Practice Wheelchair Program

Posted on: 03/28/2019

Author: Meaghan Gallacher

The Wheelchair Program at the Obras has been doing amazing things! There have been many heartwarming stories over the course of the week and this is one of them: 

Gerber is a 17-year-old boy who is quadriplegic and is carried by his mother in a shawl on her back, wherever they need to go somewhere. On Tuesday, Gerber traveled on this mother’s back several hours from a rural village in Chichicastenango to Antigua to receive a wheelchair from the Faith In Practice team. Gerber is a first-time wheelchair recipient and received a new chair with a modification trip for additional body and truth support. 

Once the wheelchair was built, Gerber’s mother lifted him into the chair for a fitting and he broke out in a huge smile! Although Gerber can’t speak with words, his face and warm smile told the entire story….he was filled with so much joy. It was truly a moving experience for everyone working in the wheelchair program, as well as for Victor, Debbie, Lorena and Byron, our teammates that built and fitted the wheelchair for Gerber. After we were done building the chair, Gerber’s mother expressed that she would now be able to take him outside and move him around with ease and that it was truly life-changing to be receiving this wheelchair after so many years of carrying him around on her back.

This is only one of the many heartwarming stories of God’s work we are doing this week. Keep reading to find out more about Team 615 :)