Enrique and Javier

Posted on: 05/02/2018

Author: Cardamone-Rayner, Amy

We first met on Sunday. As the team photographer, I was making my way around the hospital, as triage patients and their families gathered, waiting to be seen. Suddenly, two young boys with mischievious grins appeared before me. They wanted me to take their pictures. When I showed them the photo through the viewing screen, they exclaimed, "one more!"  Soon, one more became many. One of them took control of the camera and started snapping photos of his young friend, who was hamming it up for him. There was a sizeable audience there of family and others waiting, and we were held captive by the sheer joy we witnessed. I spent almost an hour there with them, helping them use the camera. All of a sudden, the camera stopped 'clicking'. When I checked, I could see the battery was empty. (One battery is usually enough to last me an entire week while on vacation!)  I showed the boys that the camera was no longer working, and without hesitation, they both stood up and walked away!  The adults who had been watching this all laughed at how quickly their enthusiasm ended.

Today, Enrique and Javier are both here for tonsillectomies. They were nervous before surgery, but the pre-op nurses were so kind and reassuring. We took some more pictures. They are both now resting in their room, recovering from surgeries that both went very well. I will always remember their twinkling eyes and intoxicating laughter.