Early start for TRIAGE DAY!

Posted on: 05/19/2019

Author: Kay Stacy


We started this morning with a devotional at 6am - I think that we were all very glad for the strong (YUMMY) Guatemalan coffee. Kathy reminded us that even though we are a small team in comparison to what usually comes, we WILL make a difference in the lives that we come in contact and are able to treat this week. She shared a quote by Margaret Mead that says, "Never doubt a small group of people can change the world" and challenged us to really think for a minute about what each individual hoped to do this week. After a wonderful breakfast, we boarded the bus for the short trip to the hospital. When we arrived, we took a group pcture and then everyone quickly got to work at their various tasks. Some got the OR ready, some the post-op & pharmacy, some went to assemble wheelchairs and the rest started the triage process so that all different surgeries could be scheduled for each day. 

People were milling all around, patiently waiting for their turn for an evaluation. There were about 50 patients and numerous family members that either helped get them here or were just here to offer moral support. The picture above shows three generations - a son brought his mother for treatment and his grandmother wanted to be here also. We all fell in love with the "abuela" and her wonderful hugs! Her daughter will have surgery on Thursday. This team is anticipating and excited for a wonderful week!