Dr. Moorhead and Dr. Moore- Team M & M

Posted on: 04/26/2019

Author: Julie Moorhead

From April 6 to April 13, Dr. Cary Moorhead and Dr. Michael Moore traveled to Antigua, Guatemala with a 44-member team under the organization, Faith In Practice, to provide medical care to Guatemalan people who have no other access to health care. This was Dr. Moorhead’s tenth trip, and Dr. Moore’s first. The patients come with their family members, neighbors and friends from their villages all over the country of Guatemala. They travel by boat, bus, car and on foot to get to the clinic, looking for a solution to their ongoing medical problems. When they arrive, they assemble in the courtyard outside the clinic. They wait quietly and patiently all day until their name is called.

 Juan is from the village of Aldea Lanzetillo Sacumul in the Providence of Uspantan Quiche. He travelled 12 hours to the Obras and saw Dr. Moore, who examined him on Triage day. He had a large tumor of the submandibular gland on the left side of his neck. He has suffered with pain and physical deformity for over eight years. He was placed on the schedule for surgey the next day. His two-hour surgery went perfectly. Juan had a huge smile on his face the next morning when Dr. Moore made rounds, finally relieved of this massive tumor.

The week was filled with moments like these that were life-changing, both for the patients and for those who were treating them. Go to www.faithinpractice.org to learn more about this organization or to donate.


Julie Moorhead
Team  619