Day Two of Surgery

Posted on: 02/12/2019

Author: Bob Ernest

Tuesday, February 12, 2019.  Day 2 of Surgery

Author: Bob Ernest

Morning has broken!  The team has been fed another delicious breakfast at 5:30 (AM).  Pastor Craig’s devotions were supplemented by Dr. Jud’s reminder of God’s use of eagles as symbols of His strength, power and protection in the Old Testament.  Dr. Jud specifically directed us to Psalm 91 which we read in unison.

Surgery has begun for today’s 20 procedures in the OR,  the 11 procedures in the GI suite and the seemingly endless stream of patients for Dr. Will in the dental and Dr. Jeremie in the audiology clinics, respectively.

Getting to know team members has turned up a few surprises.  One of the surgical techs provides an interesting example.  Katy,  lives in Virginia as a home base but travels to various temporary assignments lasting months at times.  She gets to see parts of the U.S. that she wants to see,  work in hospitals that she wants and avoid work assignments when or where she wants.  Katy is a very capable tech who operates as a free agent.  And thankfully she brings her skills to Faith In Practice.

In our travel day blog we mentioned team members from Switzerland.  Dr. Jeremie is an audiologist who is seeing many hearing impaired and fitting them with hearing aids and changing their lives.   Jeremie and his associate Nicholas are having an impact on many.

Dr. Jeremie tells me that since many Guatemalans live in rural area he will sometimes use solar-powered hearing aids requiring little or no maintenance.  This technology provides a very practical solution to a real problem.

Guatemala may be remote from the U.S. but it actually closer to Savannah than Seattle,  Washington.   It is even closer electronically.   Dr. Will, our dentist on team #603, used the internet this morning to consult with a colleague regarding one of his patients.  Another example of technology bringing health where it needs to be.  

We are thankful for your prayers and please don’t stop now.