Day Three of Surgery

Posted on: 02/13/2019

Author: Bob Ernest

Day Three of Surgery

A good night’s sleep is a helpful remedy for a hard day in the OR and a long day in general. Breakfast was followed by devotions let by Pastor Craig and Dr. Dan who recounted how God used illness to re-focus his attention on what mattered in life and what his priorities ought to be.  A very moving and personal testimony is a great way to start the day…and this was quite a starter.

A full day of operations is on the schedule and the same is planned for the dental, GI and audiology clinics.  Every effort is made to conclude surgery by 4 PM so that the patient can have quality time in recovery before going to the hospital in general.

It hardly seems possible that tomorrow is the last day of surgery.  From the chaotic choreography of Monday to the smooth as glass procedures of day three it is an amazing transition as the roles of each team member is well defined. 

I would be remiss in not acknowledging the long hours put in by Dr. Jeremie and his assistant Nicholas in the audiology clinic.  They had 10 patients scheduled for evaluation but the corridor outside of their offices was just about standing room only.   It seems that the Obras Sociales, knowing an audiologist was available, was funneling patients with hearing problems who happened to present in hospital that day. No one was turned away but some patients were re-scheduled for the following day.  The audiology team missed dinner with the team on two evenings as they worked well after dark.