Day 8 - Travel home

Posted on: 05/11/2019


Guatemalan Mission Trip Saturday 11 May 2019

Today is our departure day, the last day of our Mission trip, time to head home. We had a great week of surgery and helped a lot of patients with there medical issues. It was a lot of work and a full schedule for everyone. It was an awesome trip, so glad to have been a part of this mission trip. I will miss the volunteers I have met on this trip. As well as the Guatemalan people, who have made an impression on me and my heart. Look forward to a new mission trip and hope to see some friends that I have made on this trip on my next mission trip. A huge shout out to Dr. Bernie and Pam Gallacher for organizing and hosting this trip, Thank you! Everyone had safe travel and good weather to get back home. Happy Mother’s day again to all you Mom’s we celebrated this holiday twice this year! Have a great rest of this year and look forward to re-connecting on another Mission trip hosted by Faith In Practice!