Day 6 - Last Surgery Day

Posted on: 05/09/2019

Author: Kimberly Hale

Guatemalan Mission Trip Thursday 9 May 2019

Today is the last day of surgery on this mission trip. Many surgeries have been performed this week it has been a successful trip. I had the opportunity to follow several of the patients that were in clinic on Sunday. Through the beginning process starting in the clinic, day of surgery in pre-op, to OR, to recovery, then to the hospital ward or discharge from the hospital. Those patients who stayed in the ward the doctors followed up on the next day during rounds until discharged. It was great to be able to meet patients in the clinic to know their medical problems and symptoms. Then to see them through the entire process, to finally see them discharged with their medical problem solved. I would like to mention a few individual patients: Patient Josefa, who was injured in a fall 30 years ago, had a deviated septum repair. Her pain has stopped after surgery. What a great gift to have no pain after 30 years. Patient Alicia, had a dropped bladder, and hysterectomy. She was doing so much better after the surgery. Patient Sandra had a right side inguinal hernia repair, symptoms were bacterial infection as well as over five years of pain. Juan had left side inguinal hernia repair, painful cramps down his legs for 12 years. Surgery for the patients will change there everyday life. To no longer have pain and discomfort from a medical issue. The patients interviewed were so grateful to the surgeons, the nursing staff and all the medical professionals who took care of them, and Faith In Practice who really is the entity that made all this possible.   

 The reality is that it will be a whole year before this trip happens again. All the volunteers are ready to go home it has been a busy long week, but they all know the need for more medical services for the Guatemalans is a realty. Several volunteers have indicated they will be back for another mission trip with Faith In Practice. This is necessary for the missions to be successful. It takes many people in there specific specialities all working as a team. If we do not have staff for all areas it will not work. This being said not everyone can participate forever. One of our volunteers trip has been bittersweet, Carrolyn Bates has been on several mission trips with Faith In Practice, as a CRNA. She has been very dedicated volunteer for the many missions she participated and met many good friends while participating on mission trips.  At the  Awards dinner Carrolyn announced she will not return, this will be her last medical mission trip. She will be greatly missed and it will be difficult to fill her shoes in the future. As we know often in life as one door closes another opens. Another announcement during the Awards dinner was the wedding of two of our volunteers; Dr. Young An married Karla Aguilar in March of 2019. We wish them both many years of happiness and a long Blessed marriage. Tonight we had the Awards dinner at Ninette and Romeos House, a very old historic home. They have been the cooks at the hospital who prepared lunch and snacks this week. We had an authentic Guatemalan dinner to celebrate and to Thank our Mission volunteers for their service. All of the volunteers were given an award for great dedication and hard work with their team assignment.