Day 6 Kincaid/Tysse Village Team

Posted on: 02/14/2019

Author: Cathy Stout

Day 6 – Kincaid/Tysse Village Team

Valentine’s Day – A day many of our traditions focus on Love.  Pastor Jason began the morning by giving us a little history on the legend of how Valentine’s Day began.  This was an interesting story, which many of us had either forgotten or never heard.  Jason’s scripture reading came from Luke chapter 7.  In this story we see how a woman’s love for Jesus was shown by washing His feet with her tears and drying them with her hair.  The Bible is full of stories of agape love, acts of love through service.  We were each encouraged to focus our thoughts on ways to show God’s love to the many patients we would see today.

This was our last day of clinic and we anticipated it to be extremely busy and we were correct.  We saw our largest number of patients today, 604!  Every clinic treated their highest volume of people for the week.  It was amazing to watch everyone chip in to make the day run smoothly.  When one clinic would get caught up, the doctors and translators would move to another area to help see the patients who were still waiting to be treated. 

After taking care of the last patient, everyone began the task of breaking down and packing up.  The truck was loaded, and the school buildings were cleared and left in order.  Our last official task of the day was to take a photo of our Team.  All 65 team members (plus or minus a few) gathered on the school’s stage area and posed for a quick photo.  The smiles and laughter were a true reflection of this team’s attitude and heart for the Guatemalan people we had the privilege to serve this week.

Total number of patients treated this week by Faith in Practice #602 Kincaid/Tysse Village Team 2,275.