Day 6 - Forgiveness

Posted on: 02/09/2017

Author: Bookhart, Wingard

Yesterday, Pastor Edwin talked about pride/arrogance or generally considered "sin". Today, he discussed forgiveness. Some consider forgiveness as simply forgetting about the offending sin; while others view forgiveness as excusing the person for the sin. Edwin recited the Lord's Prayer which is found in the Gospels of Matthew (6:9-13) and Luke (11:2-4). Though the prayers are very similar, the version in Luke is translated as "sin"; whereas, in Matthew, the word is translated as "debts". Edwin talked about a debt being a claim which could be brought to court with payment being extracted from the transgressor to restore the relationship. Forgiveness is, when you have the right to claim "payment", choosing to let go of the claim and release the transgressor of their obligation. Thus, forgiveness restores justice and opens us to humility. This can be a life-long process and will "cost" us. The "cost" for God forgiving us was the death of His son, Jesus Christ, who took on the sins of all the world. Today was the last day of surgery. Relatively speaking, the less involved surgeries were schedule for and conducted today (mostly "lumps and bumps") and the general atmosphere reflected that. This is not to insinuate the staff slacked off, on the contrary, they maintained their high level of professionalism and care for the patients. Tuesday and Wednesday had some surgeries that were more involved and lasted longer than originally intended. I was able to witness some of these surgeries, and while issues developed during surgery, I was quite impressed with the respective surgeon and operating staff in their professionalism, calm (but focused) manner, respect toward others in the operating room, and most importantly, concern and love for the patient. I also gained a further appreciation for the operating room staff who had to concentrate, with the surgeons and scrub nurse having to stand essentially in the same spot, in some instances, for several hours. Over the course of the past few days, I have asked many on the team why they have returned on these trips and their answers has been consistent: for the love of the Guatemalan people, to help out, albeit in a small way and to recognize just how fortunate we are living in the United States. They all realize that the team will not be able to help everyone, but there will be several dozen who will be helped this week (and hundreds more whose loved one is better). Some have continued by giving an analogy of a person walking the beach and seeing hundreds of stranded starfish (sand dollars, crabs, etc) and seeing another person throwing a few back into the water. The response when told it impossible to save all the creatures is at least I can save these few. Before we left the hospital for the day, we celebrated with the many students (four of whom were introduced yesterday) and staff with cake (Tom performed the surgery cutting the cake), reflections, photographs, hugs, tears and many laughs. Today's surgery tally: 1 removal of ovarian cyst, 1 dialation and curretage, 8 excisions of cysts/mass and 1 umbilicoplasty.